Carolyn Watson Photography is excited to offer an extensive selection of unique keepsakes  that provide you with several options to display your favorite memories.  Regardless of your special occasion - Family Beach Portraits, Senior Portraits, Family Reunion or special events we have found the perfect quality products that will bring your images to life.  

What is Hot for 2017! We spend time each year researching what’s new in keepsakes.  This year we are very excited to offer 3 of the most popular and exciting new products – Personalized Smart Phone & Tablet Albums and Metal Prints

Personalized Smart Phone & Tablet Albums - When you purchase the High Resolution Files of your Session, you also get a personalized smart album of your 25 favorite images from the session.  We set everything up for you and you simply click and download to your smart phone or tablet.  Smart Albums can be shared with family and friends!                                                                

Metal Prints are a new art medium for preserving photos by infusing dyes directly into special coated aluminum sheets.  Because the image is infused into the surface and not on it, your images will take on an almost magical luminescence. Metal Prints are available in 4 different surfaces: high gloss, satin, and sheer with a glossy or matte finish. You've never seen a more brilliant and impressive print! 


Metal Prints  Metal Creative Edge

   Metal Clusters & Splits are available.  Clusters & Splits can be assembled with multiple images, or use a single image for a

   dramatic mosaic effect. Cluster packages are discounted at 20% less than the individual mounted print prices, and are designed to be

   hung 1" apart. The colors are vibrant and the luminescence is breathtaking. Detail and resolution are unsurpassed.


Metal Clusters


   Please note that Metal Prints can be custom made in any/every size between 4x4 and 40x60. If you are interested in Metal Clusters and  

   Splits – let us know and we will work directly with you on all of the options!


   Mini Wave Accordions: Fun! Fun! Fun! Our Hardcover Mini Accordion-Fold Photo Books are awesome to carry wherever you go.

   Show off your favorite photographs to family and friends. 


   Perfect for showcasing panoramic multi-page spreads, or a series of photos side-by-side. Available in rectangular or square formats, with

   ten, 3x3 image panels; six panels across the interior spread and four printed panels across the back.


   Wave Books


   For our Portrait Clients and Seniors:

   Our keepsakes range from classical Fine Art Prints and timeless Canvas renderings to the gorgeous Metal and Acrylic Wall Art and Bevel  

   Mount Prints. 


   We offer High Resolution Thumb Drives of all final images, Coffee Table Books, Albums, Mini- Accordion Wave, Books, and Photo Boxes.


   Our Classic Fine Art Prints are professionally printed on the highest quality archival paper and using archival ink. They are available in wide  

   range of standard sizes as well as custom sizes to fit a special area of your home or office.


   We offer a comprehensive selection of custom frames including - casual chic beach, classic, and unque Beach House Frames, and 

   Whimsical Frames for children’s rooms in a variety of shapes colors, stripes, plaids! You can choose from our collection of over 80 different  

   wall folios.


Whimsical Wall




    Gift Certificates are available for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Special Occasions and Family Reunions and can be  

    personalized with your own special message.  You can purchase your Gift Certificate on line or call us at 302-448-0485.


Canvas is our most requested keepsake. Every year our number one request is for a Canvas Rendering of the Family Portrait or that special candid moment captured by Carolyn.  Masterpiece Portrait Canvases are the ultimate in portraiture. For many people this is the family portrait they dreamed of for years.


     Your favorite image of your family or child captured by Carolyn is printed on the highest quality archival paper and the world

     renowned “Whitmire Affect” is applied to the canvas.   The result is a beautiful framed portrait that comes alive like a painting

     and will last forever. 


Gallery Wrap Canvases offer the ultimate in flexibility.  Since they do not have glass there is no reflection to deal with even in the most open floor plan.  Also they can be cropped to the exact size to fit that special place in your home or office. 


Gallery Wrap Canvas


Canvas Gallery Wrap Wall Displays are a great way to tell the story of your beach memories.  They are also a great way to save money and are approximately 20% cheaper than if purchased separately.   We offer 12 different ways to arrange your canvases and create your personal wall display.  


Canvas Wall Display


High Resolution Thumb Drive of your final images with full rights to print and reproduce - Final images are carefully selected and include the best of the best from your session.   We take the time to review each one of your final proofs and provide you with artistic renderings for a few select images from your session. 


These artistic renderings are offered in Black and White, Black and White with Color, Sepia, Antique to name a few.  If you see an image that is provided in one of these renderings and prefer another rendering just let us know and that can be changed for you.

Many times those selected images will be provide in more than one rendering up front to make it easy for you. 


If you have a request for special touch ups we can discuss options with you. 


     Beach House Frames and Whimsical Frames for children’s rooms in a variety of shapes colors, stripes, plaids!!  You can choose  

     from our collection of over 200 different framing options. 


Beach House Frame    Whimsical Green Frame  Edges


   We offer a comprehensive selection of custom frames - casual chic, beach, & classic.

Let us design a wall for you.  We can create the wall of you dreams with your favorite beach memories.  Send us a photo and dimensions of your wall and we will provide you with a custom design that allows you to visualize the right layout for the images, sizes, and frames or canvas options.  This service is no charge for this service if you purchase the frames, canvases or metal prints from us.


   Bevel Mount Prints with Easels are an elegant alternative to traditional photo mounting. Bevel Mount heavy weight board is substantial  

   enough to stand on its own, making it perfect for gift giving or displaying on an easel. 


    Bevel Mount

Custom Photo Boxes are the perfect solution for those who want to store their photographs close at hand and in a beautiful coffee table box!  Our custom image boxes are available in Wallet, 4x6, and 5x7 sizes in varying depths to suit a wide range of print quantities.  You choose your favorite photograph to wrap around the box.   Wallet Boxes are a great idea for Seniors.

Photo Boxes